Business Spotlight

Reducing Industrial Environmental Impact

CEGEN Environmental Group is a prominent player in the environmental solutions sector, specializing in the development and implementation of sustainable practices within the oil and gas industry.

With a rich history of delivering innovative and environmentally responsible solutions, CEGEN has solidified its reputation as a trusted partner in the sector, providing a comprehensive suite of services aimed at minimizing environmental impact and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Business Name: CEGEN Environmental Group

Location: Calgary, AB

Improving Compliance and Comfort

CEGEN is pioneering eco-friendly technologies and strategies tailored to reduce the environmental impact of oil and gas operations.

These innovations encompass a wide array of solutions, but specific to the oil and gas industry, CEGEN’s industrial enclosures have the ability to reduce noise, curtail emissions, or accommodate workforce housing. Depending on application, these innovations have not only led to substantial cost savings for oil and gas companies but have also promoted industry-wide sustainability. Addressing a compliance challenge for a major oil sands producer, CEGEN implemented an innovative industrial noise enclosure and muffler system that also enhanced equipment protection and operational efficiency.

How CEGEN helps the industry innovate:

  • Industrial Noise Reduction: Comprehensive noise mitigation catalog with traditional and carbon-negative materials.
  • Clean Energy Genset: Innovative solution for energy recapture resulting in cost reduction and environmental benefits.
  • Industrial Enclosures: Asset protection from the environment with custom design and manufacturing. Solutions for weather canopy, workforce housing, and noise control packages with engineered ventilation.




Using Supplier Gateway

CEGEN recognizes the potential of the ROA Supplier Gateway portal as a means to expand its network and access new business opportunities. By utilizing the portal, CEGEN aims to showcase its expertise and offerings, foster partnerships with industry leaders, and contribute to the advancement of sustainable practices in the oil and gas sector. This collaboration aligns with CEGEN’s mission of promoting environmental responsibility in the energy industry.

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