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Get Paid to Use Less Energy

Voltus, Inc. plays a pivotal role in the oil sands industry by contributing to the reduction of electricity spend and carbon emissions and the supporting of a more reliable and affordable grid.

The company connects to the Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO) Ancillary Services (or Operating Reserves) market, where large energy users are compensated for reducing electricity consumption during peak hours or emergency grid events. Through its demand response program, Voltus simplifies and facilitates participation in this revenue-generating market on behalf of the AESO.

Business Name: Voltus Inc.

Location: Calgary Office, AB

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Demand Response for the Oil Sands

What sets Voltus apart is its singular focus on connecting customers to a market that many large-scale electrical users may not be aware of.

The company emphasizes local customer service and employs technology to offer a transparent, efficient, and profitable experience. Voltus aims to be a leading demand response platform and virtual power plant operator, advancing technology and sustainability within the oil sands industry. As a virtual power plant operator, Voltus connects distributed energy resources, like demand response and backup generators, to electricity markets, delivering cost-effective, reliable, and sustainable electricity.

Producers can benefit from Voltus in various ways, enhancing operational efficiency and sustainability:

  • Cost Reduction: Voltus helps reduce electricity costs during peak hours through Demand Response.
  • Revenue Generation: Participating in the Operating Reserves market generates additional revenue.
  • Grid reliability: Customers that participate help make the grid more reliable, in addition to receiving notification of an upcoming electric service interruption.
  • Sustainability Focus: By connecting to the virtual power plant, oil producers contribute to a more sustainable energy landscape by reducing emissions and helping scale renewable energy.
  • Operational Support: Voltus provides streamlined solutions, supporting oil producers in effective electricity consumption management.

Using Supplier Gateway

The challenges Voltus faces in gaining access to opportunities within the oil sands industry primarily revolve around educating companies about the existence of Operating Reserves and the benefits of demand response. The hope is that the Supplier Gateway will provide a platform to reach decision-makers who may not be aware of these opportunities. Supplier Gateway is seen as a spotlight that can bring attention to niche services like Voltus, helping bridge the knowledge gap within the industry.

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