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Enhancing Sustainability Through Collaboration

CVW CleanTech, an innovative player in the oil sands industry, is making significant strides in reshaping traditional oil sands operations.

CVW CleanTech’s mission is to extract valuable commodities, such as bitumen, solvents, hydrocarbons, and critical minerals, from oil sands froth treatment tailings while significantly reducing emissions. This boosts economic value for operators while improving the industry’s environmental footprint.

Business Name: CVW CleanTech

Location: Calgary, AB

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Innovation at the Core

CVW CleanTech’s vision is to utilize innovative technology to recover valuable commodities in a sustainable manner that helps accelerate the world’s move to net zero.

At the heart of CVW CleanTech’s success is a relentless pursuit of innovation. Their technology intercepts oil sands tailings before they are discharged into ponds, remediating them while efficiently recovering valuable resources. This includes pioneering approaches like low solvent loading, intra-phase recycling, differential underflow operation, and vapor-liquid equilibrium. These innovations drive substantial resource recovery while significantly reducing emissions, particularly methane.

CVW CleanTech’s innovative end-of-pipe technology revolutionizes oil sands operations by remediating tailings and recovering valuable resources. The annual economic, environmental and operational benefits for a typical project incorporating CVWTM technology:

~ 2.2 MMbbl of Hydrocarbons (bitumen and solvent) removal

243 kt of critical minerals recovered (Titanium and Zircon)

380+kt of CO2 emissions abatement

1.9 MMGJ of indirect heat captured

19 Ha reduction of land use impacts

2.8 MMm³ of water recovered and re-used

Please click here to view CVW Clean Tech’s technology fact sheet.

Using Supplier Gateway

As a small to medium-sized enterprise, they often face barriers when engaging with industry decision-makers. Supplier Gateway offers a pivotal communication channel connecting them to procurement and project specialists within leading industry producers. This platform holds the potential to bridge the gap, allowing CVW CleanTech to overcome these limitations. By leveraging Supplier Gateway, they aim to enhance their presence, connect with key industry players, and drive collaboration in pursuit of a more sustainable oil sands industry.

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