Western Indigenous Consultation & Engagement Conference


Fostering Connections & Communications

Exploring Legal and Business Practices in the Natural Resource Sector to Foster Collaboration and Dialogue.

The 16th Annual Conference on Western Indigenous Consultation & Engagement welcomes Indigenous leaders, industry experts, and government officials to cultivate meaningful connections and ignite crucial dialogues. This event is a platform for professionals engaged in First Nation communities, the natural resource sector, and governmental organizations to gain invaluable insights and foster collaboration.

The 2024 conference, co-chaired by Meaghan Conroy, Partner at MLT Aikins LLP, and Shaleigh Raine, Lands and Consultation Manager at Louis Bull Tribe, features an impressive lineup of speakers, including Kate Kempton of Woodward & Company, Terry Mitchell from Graham Construction & Engineering, and Dale Swampy, President of the National Coalition of Chiefs. Key conference highlights include discussions on the implementation of the United Nations Declaration, a then and now review of Treaties in Northern Canada, Indigenous-owned clean energy projects in Alberta, understanding the impacts of court decisions and effectively assess cumulative effects and the impact assessments of a project.

Event Date: Feb 21, 2024 to Feb 22, 2023

Time: 8:30 am MST

Location: Edmonton, AB

Cost: $2,095

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