National Symposium of Cumulative Effects Assessment and Environmental Management


The Future of Project Development

Advancing Sustainable Project Development while considering Cumulative Effects, Indigenous Rights, and Climate Change Considerations.

The 12th National Symposium on Cumulative Effects Assessment and Environmental Management, organized by The Canadian Institute, is a pivotal gathering that offers diverse stakeholder perspectives on the ever-evolving landscape of cumulative effects assessment, aiming to manage the social, economic, and environmental impacts of project development. Following the success of the 2023 event, this symposium is set to be a platform for understanding the implications of the Blueberry River Court Decision, balancing project advancements with Indigenous rights and climate change, and addressing regional assessments for sustainable development.

Engage with thought leaders from government, Indigenous communities, and industry to explore the sustainable future of project development. Network with professionals from various sectors such as natural gas, mining, forestry, Indigenous communities, and more. The symposium offers a unique opportunity to form a constructive dialogue, collaborate on solutions, and drive forward the cause of sustainable project development.

Event Date: Apr 9, 2024 to Apr 10, 2024

Time: 8:30 am MST

Location: Calgary, AB

Cost: $1,595

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