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Solutions from Conception to Code

Launchcode is a dynamic technology solutions provider that customizes digital solutions to meet the unique business challenges faced by its clients in the oil sands industry.

With a diverse team of over 35 professionals, Launchcode is a full-service development company, specializing in the development of bespoke business solutions that optimize workflows, manage assets, enable business intelligence, streamline customer experience, and much more.

Business Name: Launchcode

Location: Calgary, AB

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Leveling-up from Legacy Systems

Launchcode is transforming the industry’s longstanding reliance on legacy systems and traditional tech into modern, purpose-built platforms that improve efficiency, profitability, and compliance.

As the oil sands region faces market shifts and regulatory demand requiring more modern digital solutions, the breadth of the industry’s supply chain has grown to include technology partners. Innovation at Launchcode is synonymous with creating digital solutions that go beyond what off-the-shelf technologies can offer in terms of form, function, and fit. The company has made significant strides in the oil sands industry by fostering real-time data-backed decision-making, optimizing scheduling, enhancing operational visibility and efficiency, and facilitating time and cost savings. These accomplishments, achieved through custom digital solutions, have enabled operational transformation and driven progress in the sector.

How Launchcode helps the industry innovate:

  • Discovery: Understanding the vision to brainstorm solutions through market research and mind-mapping sessions.
  • Design: Storyboarding, wireframing, and concepting to establish the optimal UI/UX.
  • Development: Rapid prototyping to develop web, app, and hardware solutions that achieve vision.
  • Partnership: Dedication to long-term success through ongoing support that accelerates company growth.

Using Supplier Gateway

Working with the industry to overcome any hesitancy in adopting new technologies is a significant opportunity for Launchcode. They have observed that organizations breaking down silos and encouraging cross-departmental cooperation have experienced promising results when implementing custom digital solutions. Supplier Gateway’s vision of innovation through collaboration aligns with this observation and offers a key connection to the opportunities that promote the broader use of transformational technology within the industry.

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