Business Spotlight

A Direct Line for a Dynamic Business

Stamped Engineering is a small but multi-disciplined engineering consulting firm located in Edmonton, Alberta, with a specialized focus on the oil sands industry.

With a core team of fewer than 20 members and the ability to expand to up to 40 professionals, the company is led by Jeenu Riat, a female leader, and is known for its commitment to innovation, environmental leadership, and the use of cutting-edge technology in the oil sands sector.

Business Name: Stamped Engineering

Location: Edmonton, AB

Helping The Industry Innovate

Stamped Engineering’s purpose-based approach to the development of clean technology enables progress toward industry-wide environmental targets.

“Fit for purpose” is the mindset that Stamped applies to every engagement. They understand that the oil sands’ needs should be portable and scalable, specifically as the industry looks to advance its sustainability initiatives. Their development of waste-to-energy solutions leverages their own filtration and scrubber technology to help producers achieve zero-target emissions.

This solution not only eliminates harmful emissions such as ash or methane but also generates multiple revenue streams. Additionally, they help clients qualify for various carbon credits, aligning with the evolving regulatory landscape in Alberta.

Key benefits of Stamped Engineering’s innovations include:

  • Emission Reduction: Efficient reduction of Greenhouse Gas emissions and Pollution while mitigating potential environmental risks by designing with safety, containment, and clean technology at the forefront.
  • Resource Conservation: Efficient utilization and recycling of energy and natural resources.
  • Compliance with Regulations: Aligns with Alberta’s mandate for renewable fuel blending in gasoline and diesel.

Using Supplier Gateway

As a small, dynamic business, the lack of administrative support is a key challenge when operating lean to provide cost savings to clients. Supplier Gateway is viewed by the company as a potential “game-changer” in granting them access to leading industry producers by allowing them to showcase their skills and innovations more prominently. They aim to use Supplier Gateway to connect with those in the industry who have a shared interest in their pursuit of innovation and bid on those opportunities directly.

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